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Summerize Your Ride

For most of the country this past Winter was tough!  What does this mean for your car?  That it took a gigantic beating.  Now that the Summer months are rapidly approaching it’s important to help your car make the seasonal transition.  Tires, battery, air filters, cooling system, radiator, brakes, windshield wipers and other significant fluids must be checked.   Visiting the mechanic may seem like a hassle.  I’m sure you’re wondering how you will be able to find the time.  But believe me – a little time now will save you a large headache and lots of dollars later.

Bring your vehicle in to Queens Care Auto Repair and we’ll give you a check-up on the house!  And enter our Fathers Day Giveaway for a chance to win a FREE oil change. See you soon…

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About Queens Care Auto Repair

Queens Care Auto Repair is a full service repair facility located in the Borough of Queens, NY. Foreign or domestic, we are available to tend to all of your automotive needs! Queens Care Auto Repair 185-24 Merrick Blvd Springfield Gardens, NY, 11413

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